For a total of seven days, Margherita Chiarva has walked seven steps in the Atacama Desert, three times a day – at dawn, at the zenith, and at sunset.Every day with a different intention. For each step, she took a photograph and collected a desert rock, each one has been placed on a canvas soaked with cyanotype, symbolizing all of the 148 steps taken during the days of this performance. She then printed the 148 images in the darkroom once back in the studio, and stitched them onto 7 canvases soaked into earth and water.

Through this symbolic ritual carried out by Margherita Chiarva with 7 steps, the image becomes the medium between the expressed will and the universe, like a mantra transmuted into a photographic act. A psycho-magical act where the desert is a natural extension of the Body’s internal silence.

Everything around us is the manifestation of our thoughts, the action that can change the world. We can create vibrations starting from our very simple thoughts. Things can change, the universe gives us everything we need, we just need to get rid of what blocks the communication between us and the divine and walk that path. The photographic act contains the intention. The photo becomes the transmitter between the thought and the universe.

DAY 1 : dedicated to transforming Fear.

DAY 2 : dedicated to Change.

DAY 3 : dedicated to Love

DAY 4 : dedicated to Women

DAY 5: hommage to Creativity as a divine force

DAY 6: dedicated to who’s suffering

DAY 7: gratitude to Life

Link to exhibition : https://www.pastificiocerere.it/mostre-attivita/margherita-chiarva-7-steps/